Our dog training daycare program is currently full.


Dog Training Day Care

Pick ups/ Deliveries

Scheduling is done by weekday reservations for the month. For example: my dog Fido goes to DTDC Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Once you have a slot reserved on a certain day, it's yours.

Pick ups are from 7:30 - 9:30 am. Deliveries are from 4:00 - 6:30 pm. We typically arrive about the same time, however with daily route changes, traffic and the unexpected, our time is prone to fluctuation. 

Dogs need to be relieved of their morning business before we arrive for pick up. 

Please keep the pick up and drop off visits short. Though we genuinely enjoy answering questions and giving updates and advice, we have many dogs to deliver and time is often of the essence. 


Your dog must be easily accessible. If you cannot be available for the time frame, please create a way for us to retrieve or deliver your dog. Leave a door unlocked, provide a key or code, hide a key or some other convenient method. 

Payments / Billing / Cancellations

Payments are accepted in cash or by check. Please make checks payable to Merissa Micochero. You will be billed within the first two weeks of the following month for all services used the month prior. Usually by text or email. Cancellations: If your dog will be unable to attend a normally scheduled day, a text notification at least 24 hrs prior to said day will be necessary to avoid being charged.  


ALL Dogs need to be kept up to date on diestemper/parvo, rabies and bordetella. Please send us a copy with every booster. ALL dogs need to be kept on flea preventative. If you find fleas on your dog please keep your dog home until it has been resolved. Should your dog become ill or injured at any time please keep us updated and aware of your dog's current state. This is crucial in order to keeping everyone happy and healthy. We greatly appreciate your cooperation. 

Where do the dogs go?

They come here to our farm mostly. They also go on trips to the mountains for hiking, lakes and rivers for swimming and into town to work on skills in public. Dogs do get dirty and though we clean them up before sending them home, sometimes they will require additional cleaning. 

What kind of training do they get?

Every dog gets to practice impulse control, boundary holding, social skills with humans and dogs, food manners, being responsive and being respectful. They also all work on crate training, leash skills and name recognition. They learn the marker system (yes, good, no) and basic obedience skills. From time to time we add in the fun stuff, but this is mostly reserved for the extra credit dogs. All training and skills are worked on individually as well as with the group. IF YOUR DOG HAS ANY FOOD ALLERGIES OR SENSITIVITIES PLEASE LET US KNOW.

Extra Credit

Please feel free to send your dog's breakfast and high value food reward (soft and smelly) with them to daycare for some specialized training. We work on tricks, better obedience and further development of each dog's particular challenges. This does not cost any additional fee. Being hungry helps with motivation in training. IF YOUR DOG HAS ANY FOOD ALLERGIES OR SENSITIVITIES PLEASE LET US KNOW. 

Change with the Seasons

Winter we tend to stay in a little more to work on tricks and take more trips to town for skill building in public. Spring and Fall we spend most of our time outside. Running in the field and hiking in the mountains happen mostly in these months. Summer gets hot! Which means more time in the shade, more tricks in the barn and swimming field trips. 

Fall / Winter / Spring

During the wet weather and cold we want to make sure the dogs have what they need to have the best experience possible. They will be playing outside in the wet and need to be able to warm up easily once they come back inside. Please send with your dog a large towel and small absorbent blanket (or additional towel) to line the bottom of their crate with, each day. Short coated dogs will also need a warm and comfortable water repelling jacket as well as an additional sweater for the inside time to help them warm up when we remove the wet outside jacket. The dogs thank you!!

How to Pack it all?

Every dog will need a simple but sturdy PERSONALIZED bag to be used as their "School bag." If you do not have one, you can order one at www.cafepress.com/make/custom-tote-bag for $15-$20. The Medium size is large enough to hold the necessary items for a large dog. If your dog's bag does not have their name on it we can provide a classy piece of duct tape to adhere to the bag and write their name on it. 

Birthdays and Holidays

If you send us a text reminder of your dog's birthday we will throw a mini party and take a group photo, party hat included. Often times we set up some of the dogs with props during the holidays and message their owners a cute picture. If you prefer to have one sent of your dog shoot us a text during the holidays and we will do our best to include your dog too!

Additional Training and Special Priveleges

DTDC members get the best of the best. You want an extra day of day care? It goes to you before the next person on the waiting list. Going out of town? We offer overnight care for your dog (we do not offer boarding to the public). Need additional training? You get in home sessions and one on one sessions at a discounted rate. All additional services used are added into the bill at the end of the month, no hassle. Get first dibs on specials, photo shoots and other events. We love having you in the family!