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Freedom Program

Our E Collar Program

This is a 6 wk program for dogs over the age of 6 mos. 

Cost: $3515 

Can't get your dog back when he gets loose? Getting your arm pulled off on walks? Do you just want a dog that is great wherever you take her, on or off leash? In the home or at the park? Our Start to Finish course will send you home with a dog that is reliably responsive whether he is 3 ft or 103 ft away. 

Here are some of the bullet points the Start to Finish program includes: 

  • Basic obedience on and off leash: sit, down, bed, stay, heel.
  • Off leash recall
  • Self containment. Being able to wait in a bed stay or a down stay with duration and distraction. This is one of our most valuable tools to be used in daily life in the home and out and about.
  • How to sit when greeting people.
  • Manners with food. How to not take food unless it is offered to them.
  • Quietly waiting at doors, gates and crates for release.
  • Social development with other dogs, adults, children and strangers.
  • Developing good house manners, and manners in public.
  • Preventing and redirecting bad behaviors such as biting, nuisance behavior, and destructive chewing.

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