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Does your dog...?

Jump? Pull Your Arm Off?

Jump? Pull Your Arm Off?

Jump? Pull Your Arm Off?


Have Selective Hearing?

Jump? Pull Your Arm Off?

Jump? Pull Your Arm Off?


Need a Puppy Head Start?

Jump? Pull Your Arm Off?

Need a Puppy Head Start?


Professional Dog Trainers at Your Service

Board and Train Ziggy goes home after completing the Puppy Program

Board and Train

 The pearl of our business, the board and train program is here to give you the absolute best result in dog training.  Your dog will stay with us, in our home, and develop the skills of a professionally trained dog. We will solve your problems and replace them with the habits of a well mannered and responsive family companion. Click Here

Dog Training Day Care

Bring your dog out for a day of training and bring him home at night. Exercise, training and proper social development. No chaos of a dog park or a generic day care. Want in? Call or text 503-779-7985 and get on the waiting list!


Enroll in a group class that meets weekly  to develop your skills as a handler and improve your dog's response rate, reliability and understanding of commands. Click Here


Immerse yourself in dog training education and deepen your understanding of how your dog thinks, learns, communicates and responds to their environment in our 1 and 2 day workshops. With each topic there will be lecture, Q & A and hands-on experience to help you develop the understanding thoroughly enough to create positive results at home. Click Here

Private Sessions

Want to train your dog yourself? Our one on one sessions will guide you thru your journey of becoming a better trainer and creating the results you seek. Too far away? We offer FaceTime lessons for that! Click Here

Referral Rewards

We want to thank you for all the wonderful referrals that are steadily sent our way. With each person that signs up for one of our programs, you will receive $$ off of your next service. 

For example: referrals that enroll in our board and train service will result in $200 off of refresher training.