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Which Services are Best for You?

Board and Train


The bulk of our business, the board and train programs are thorough and highly valued. Your dog stays with us and learns the skills he/she needs to be the best dog they can be for you. 

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Follow up Sessions


Typically I recommend having Jason with System of a Dog come out to your home for an in home session. However, I also offer private one on one sessions after your dog has gone thru one of my programs to help you guys develop as  a team and for you to take full advantage of the skills your dog has acquired.  

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Training Practice Classes


Getting together to work with our dogs, strengthening the good stuff, improving the developing skills and helping the handlers to be successful with their companions. 

*For existing clients only*

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Big Change in 2019

Discontinuation of the Day Training Program

2018 has brought about huge changes to the business. We dramatically narrowed the services we offered to provide better training, better customer service and a better quality home life. It has been a huge success. 

Now that the year is coming to a close, we are planning the upcoming years and the new direction in which we want to take this business, our personal training development as well as how we want to spend the family time.

We have been thrilled by the success of the redesigned business and want to continue to improve the services we offer as well as our personal training goals. 

Our Day Training Program has always been incredibly successful and the clients well cherished. However, in order to improve these other important and valued areas, we have decided to cut this service out. Beginning in January of 2019 we will no longer be offering the Day Training Program. 

Jason Tonkin with System of a Dog does have a few available spots in his program. It is a stellar service and he even picks up and delivers the dogs for you. He can be reached at 503-507-9718.


To our "Regulars:"  This change brings us much sadness as we have grown incredibly fond of you and your dogs. Some of you have been here for years, some of your dogs have literally been saved by this program. You are all cherished and this change weighs heavy on our hearts. We wish you the very best of the best and of course would always love the opportunity to work with your dogs for a refresher board and train or watch your dogs should you go out of town. Please do take care, much love and happy training.


Our Specialties

Shaping Good Dogs

 Creating responsive, confident dogs with good manners, basic obedience, leash skills and  a solid communication system for the best results thruout their life with you.

Reactivity & Agression

Building confidence, trust and conditioning appropriate responses thru teachings and controlled exposure.

Starting Puppies

Start them off right with a stellar beginning for the young and the new to you dogs. 


Paw and Hand K9

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By Appointment Only

System of a Dog and Jason Tonkin

 Jason Tonkin has dedicated the last 19 years of his life to working with dogs, and studying their behavior. Jason's clients enjoy sessions that combine his skills and knowledge with an open communication. Both the dogs and humans benefit from this and owners are always in the know about their dog's process.  Jason enjoys all aspects of training, he specializes in behavior modification and dealing with particularly difficult dogs. He has provided these services for Paw and Hand K9 since the beginning and continues to do so as a partnering business. Please contact him directly to schedule for one of these stellar services. 


Services provided by System of a Dog

One on One


Private one on one sessions for new and existing clients. He goes over absolutely everything. Initial sessions run 90-120 mins ($75), additional sessions approx. 60 mins ($50). Bring your dog hungry as well as some high value food reward and be ready to absorb information!

In Home


These sessions typically last 90-120mins. $85 in the Salem area. Additional fees apply for beyond a 25 mile radius. Make sure your dog is hungry and you have some high-value food reward available. In most cases having your dog dragging a leash before the trainer arrives can be very helpful. Keep a notebook handy to record important notes and exercises. 

Group Classes


Give him a call or shoot him a text to find out which class would be best for you. They are typically $100-200 and last 4-6wks long. He covers all stages of training from puppy thru advanced, training for the trainer and even has classes for reactive dogs. 

Dog Training Day Care


He picks them up from your home and delivers them back to you. They go out on the town and into the mountains exercising and receiving advanced training with a professional. It doesn't get any better than this folks. 

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