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Train yourself. Train your dog. 

Our Specialties


Transforming troublemakers into willing, responsive and reliable companions.

Obedience and Beyond

There's so much more than just the basics. Keep your dog's mind ever expanding by making him the coolest dog in town. 

Handler Training

Develop the skills to bring out the very best in your dog.


Paw and Hand K9

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Which Services are Best for You?

One on One

We offer one on one sessions in your home as well as here at our little farm. Have the professionals all to yourself for a flood of information, practice and developing a training plan. 


We offer a variety of classes from teaching the very basics of handling to dealing with reactive dogs to agility or competitive obedience. Be sure to visit the Services page for a more comprehensive list. 

Board and Train

Have your dog stay with the pros for a jump start in the training process. We will lay the foundation, develop the skills and walk you thru the process to ensure a smooth transition back home. 

Out and About

Join us on our outings for some guided training focusing on manners and management in public. 


We love visiting educational groups and organizations to offer some hands on experience, words of wisdom and offer demonstration. If you have a group that would enjoy such a visit please send us a text or email!

503-779-7985 / whoneedsaleash@gmail.com

Dog Training Day Care

Have your dog spend the day with us! Bringing out the best in your dog and having fun doing it. We work on mastering all the basics, developing social skills and even a little extra credit.