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Board and Train




What should I expect?

The Dog's Experience

  • Dogs live with us in the home, have ample free time and are worked throughout each day.
  • We are balanced trainers, using both positive reinforcement and correcting negative, unwanted behaviors for optimal harmony with your canine companion.
  • We train on and off property inside as well as outside.
  • They work individually, in groups, alongside other dogs, are exposed to a variety of people and often proof their skills on additional handlers.
  • They are exercised daily, go for training walks and of course have some free time to just be a dog.


Your Experience

  1. Schedule a meet and greet to evaluate your dog, goals, and how to achieve them.
  2. Make a deposit to reserve your board and train slot.
  3. Drop off your dog at scheduled appointment with items needed and listed below.
  4. Receive updates via text/social media.
  5. Come visit to see your dog's progress and learn some new handling techniques. 
  6. Come pick up your newly trained dog! Go home sessions are typically 1 hr and cover commands, handling and how to achieve a successful transition home. Receive your Kuranda bed and other training equipment. Remaining balance is also due at this time. 
  7. Receive a go home video for handling reminders.
  8. Come back one week later for a follow up session to ensure a successful transition. 
  9. Additional follow up sessions are available if needed. 
  10. Take advantage of a 50% off offer for a class or workshop (within 6 mos of going home). Your success and satisfaction is our top priority. 

What you will need to bring with your dog:

  1. Plenty of food
  2. Proof of vaccinations
  3. Collar with ID tag
  4. Be current on flea prevention
  5. Chew items are always appreciated




Freedom Program 


Super Puppy Program

4 wk $2245       6 wk $3367

All Star Obedience Program 

4 wk  $2245       6 wk $3367

Introduction Program


Behavior Modification Program




(This comes off of your total, and is non-refundable)

Refresher Training 


Payment options:

Breaking the balance down into 3 payments after the deposit. 

Balance must be paid in full by date of go home.



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