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Board and Train



Freedom Program (Off Leash) - 6 wk

Super Puppy Program - 4 to 6 wk


All Star Obedience Program - 4-6 wk

Hell's Bells Behavior Modification - 8 wk

Refresher Training - 1 to 3 wks

Goal Dependent


What should I expect?

The Dog's Experience

  • Dogs live with us in the home, have ample free time and are worked throughout each day.
  • We are balanced trainers, using both positive reinforcement and correcting negative, unwanted behaviors for optimal harmony with your canine companion.
  • We train on and off property inside as well as outside.
  • They work individually, in groups, alongside other dogs, are exposed to a variety of people and often proof their skills on additional handlers.
  • They are exercised daily, go for training walks and of course have some free time to just be a dog.


Your Experience

  1. Call or text to schedule a meet and greet.
  2. Make a deposit to reserve your board and train slot.
  3. Drop off your dog at scheduled appointment with items needed and listed below.
  4. Receive weekly updates via text.
  5. Halfway thru your dog's stay, come visit to see your dog's progress and learn some new handling techniques so when you come back for the go home it will be a very smooth and successful transition to your home. 
  6. Come pick up your newly trained dog! Go home sessions are typically 1 hr and cover commands, handling and how to achieve a successful transition home. Receive your Kuranda bed and other training equipment. Remaining balance is also due at this time. 
  7. Receive a go home video for handling reminders.
  8. Come back one week later for a follow up session to ensure a successful transition. 
  9. An additional follow up session is available after an additional week if needed. 
  10. Take advantage of a 50% off offer for a class or workshop (within 6 mos of going home). Your success and satisfaction is our top priority. 

What you will need to bring with your dog:

  1. Plenty of food
  2. Proof of vaccinations
  3. Collar with ID tag
  4. Be current on flea prevention
  5. Chew items are always appreciated



6 wk Freedom Program $3515

6 wk Super Puppy Program $3367

4 wk Super Puppy Program $2245

6 wk All Star Obedience Program $3367

4 wk All Star Obedience Program $2245

3 wk Introduction Program $1683

Behavior Modification Program $4500

Deposit $500

(This comes off of your total, and is non-refundable)

Refresher Training $450/wk

Payment options:

Breaking the balance down into 3 payments after the deposit. 

Balance must be paid in full by date of go home.


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