The bulk of our business, the board and train programs are thorough and highly valued. Your dog stays with us and learns the skills he/she needs to be the best dog they can be for you. Call to secure a spot for your dog and create a unique program that is specific to your needs.
Minimum stay is 2 weeks, typically scheduling 1-2 mos out. 

Board and Train


What do we train for. What do I need to bring for my dog?

 Each program is tailored specifically for each family.  Our most common requests are: 

  • Basics:  sit, down, stay, name recognition, recall, crate training, leash skills, skills in public, social skills, boundary holding, eye contact.
  •  Aggression and reactivity 
  •  Puppy foundations  
  •  Anxiety and fears
  •  Unruly and out of control!
  •  Refresher! Bring them in to tighten it back up

 What you need to bring for your dog during his or her stay:

  •  More than enough food 
  •  Proof of vaccinations and current on flea prevention    
  •  Small blanket that smells like home and is easily washable 
  •  Caller with ID tag 


What’s it like?

  • Multiple work sessions 6 days per week, with just one session on the “rest day.”
  • Everyone works for their food as well as high value food reward, getting the remainder of their day’s rations at dinner. 
  • We train on the property inside the barn, dog room and house. Outside in the yards and training field. We also go out and about to various locations multiple times per week. 
  • They work individually, alongside other dogs, are exposed to a variety of people and often proof their skills on additional handlers.
  • They get exercised daily, go for training walks and of course have some free time to just be a dog. 
  • We utilize crates when traveling on the road, overnight and during rest times. 
  • They overnight in the dog room attached to our house, temperature controlled, with occasional music, always a soft night light and even has an oil diffuser. 
  • We have multiple outdoor potty pens, a fully fenced play yard, training field and barn that we utilize during  inclement weather. 



Board and Train $500 per week

(minimum of 2 weeks)

Refresher Training $455 per week

($65 per day, minimum 3 days)

 $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon reservation with the remainder of the payment being due upon pick up.