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Hell's Bells!

Behavior Modification and Rehabilitation

Feeling helpless due to your dog's extreme behavior? We can help you. Call or text us at 503-779-7985

This particular program is designed for dogs with serious behavior issues such as human aggression, dog aggression, resource guarding, extreme fear, overwhelming anxiety, intense leash reactivity, and dogs with a biting history.

  • You will meet with us and your dog every 2-3 wks for a one on one session, until your dog comes home.
  • You will receive 2-3 follow up sessions after your dog is back home to make sure the transition home stays successful.
  • This program is results based. While most dogs are ready to go home at the end of 8 wks, occasionally there is a dog that will need some extra time. 
  • Cost is $4500 for 8 wks